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Payer Listing

One of the many advantages to using MD Claims, Inc. is our extensive Payer List. We have direct connections with Ohio Medicare, Ohio Medicaid, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aultcare, BWC and Emdeon. You can view our Payer listing online or download a copy.

CLICK HERE to download the Payer List to view or print later.

Our Payer List

PayerId Payer Names Enroll
13162 1199 National Benefit Fund N
58203 1st Medical Network - Atlanta GA N
58203 1st MN - Atlanta GA N
59069 21st Century Health and Benefits N
88053 360 Alliance - Gilsbar N
20413 3P ADMIN N
93044 A & I Benefit Plan Administrators N
95241 A.G.I.A. Inc. N
75240 AAG Benefit Plan Administrators Inc. N
37283 AAG-American Administrative Group (Formerly Gallagher Benefit Admin) N
75185 AAG-American Administravie Group ( Formerly Icon Benefit Admin) N
E3510 ABMA (Alta Bates Medical Assocs) Medical Corp (Hnet Sr. and Secure Horizon) N
3443 Abrazo Advantage Health Plan N
TH067 Access Administrators N
64071 Acclaim N
21356 Acclaim Repricing N
72467 ACS Benefit Services Inc. N
36112 ACS Rewards Administration Center N
38265 Administration Systems Research Corporation N
22384 Administrative Concepts Inc. N
59141 Administrative Services Inc. N
ADOCS ADOC (Affiliated Doctor's of Orange County) N
AMM01 Advanced Medical Management N
68056 Advantage by Bridgeway Health Solutions N
68056 Advantage by Buckeye Community Health Plan N
68056 Advantage by Managed Health Services N
68056 Advantage by Superior HealthPlan N
35209 Advantage Health Solutions N
NMM01 Advantage Med Grp N
77070 Advantage Preferred Plus N
25152 Advantra Freedom N
25152 Advantra Savings N
95340 Adventist Health System West - Roseville CA N
36320 Advocate Health Centers N
65093 Advocate Physician Partners N
60054 Aetna N
57604 Aetna Affordable Health Choices (SM) - SRC N
50023 Aetna Better Health N
ADOCS Affiliated Doctors of Orange County (ADOC) N
APG01 Affiliated Physicians Group N
13334 Affinity Health Plan N
13346 AFTRA Health Fund N
37280 AGA N
20048 Agate Resources Inc. (LIPA) N
64158 Agency Services Inc N
31138 AHPO (Cleveland OH) N
CAPMN AKM Medical Group N
91136 Alaska Children's Services Inc. N
92600 Alaska Electrical Health & Welfare Fund N
91136 Alaska Laborers Construction Industry Trust N
91136 Alaska Pipe Trades Local 375 N
91136 Alaska United Food & Commercial Workers Health & Welfare Trust N
81040 Allegiance Benefit Plan Management Inc. N
13079 Alliance Healthcare/Stones River Regional IPA N
Call Alliance The (A Wisconsin provider network) N
58234 Alliant Health Plans of Georgia N
94177 Allied Administrators (San Francisco CA) N
37308 Allied Benefit Systems N
SX157 Allied Health - Podiatry (UHIN) N
SX156 Allied Health Systems Chiropractic N
NMM01 Allied Physicians N
TH085 Alpha Data N
Call Alta Bates Medical Group N
E3510 Alta Senior Care (Hnet Sr and Secure Horizons only) N
SX113 Altius (Utah) N
TH071 AMA Insurance Agency N
13550 Amalgamated Life N
13343 Amalgamated Life - PA / Alicare N
68069 Ambetter N
38219 AmeraPlan N
75137 AmeriBen Solutions Inc. N
27517 Americaid Community Care (Maryland) N
27516 Americaid Community Care (New Jersey) N
75240 American Administrative Group N
42112 American Administrators (West Des Moines Iowa) N
42137 American Administrators dba Select Benefit Administrators (W.DesMoines IA) N
95170 American Benefit Plan Administrators N
34187 American Benefits Management (North Canton OH) N
41161 American Chiropractic Network (ACN) N
41160 American Chiropractic Network IPA of NY (ACNIPA) N
60305 American Community Mutual Insurance N
CAPMN American Family Health Providers N
TH095 American Family Insurance N
62030 American General N
1066 American Healthcare Alliance N
36369 American Imaging Management Inc. N
87726 American International Group Inc. (AIG) N
72099 American LIFECARE N
81400 American Medical Security Inc. N
74048 American National Ins. Co. (ANICO) N
44444 American Postal Workers Union Health Plan N
48055 American Progressive Life and Health Insurance Company N
42011 American Republic Insurance N
43146 American Specialty N
TH117 American Whole Health Networks N
37322 American Worker Health Plan N
16120 America's PPO N
41178 America's PPO/America's TPA N
41178 America's TPA N
86047 AmeriChoice of New Jersey Inc. (Medicaid NJ) N
86001 AmeriChoice of New Jersey Personal Care Plus (Medicare) N
86048 AmeriChoice of New York Inc. (Medicaid NY) N
86002 AmeriChoice of New York Personal Care Plus (Medicare) N
86049 AmeriChoice of Pennsylvania Inc. (Medicaid PA) N
86003 AmeriChoice of Pennsylvania Personal Care Plus (Medicare) N
27514 Amerigroup Community Care N
27514 AMERIGROUP Community Care of New Mexico N
27514 Amerigroup Corporation (Ft Worth) N
27515 Amerigroup Corporation (Houston) N
27519 Amerigroup Florida N
27514 AMERIGROUP Georgia N
27518 Amerigroup Illinois N
27518 Amerigroup Ohio N
SX074 AmeriHealth - Delaware (Non-HMO Claims) N
SX075 AmeriHealth - New Jersey (Non-HMO Claims) N
54763 AmeriHealth Administrators N
23037 AmeriHealth HMO New Jersey and Delaware N
22248 AmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan N
PROSP AMVI/Prospect Health Network (Prospect Medical Group) N
53085 Anchor Benefit Consulting Inc. N
86062 Ancillary Benefit Services (ABS) N
3172 Ancillary Care Management/ACM N
SYMED Angeles IPA (SynerMed) N
34192 Antares Management Solutions N
SB338 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio N
834 Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield  
16140 APA Partners Inc. N
PROSP APAC (Pinnacle Health Resources) (Prospect Medical Group) N
34196 Apex Benefit Services N
APP01 AppleCare Medical Management N
54160 APS Healthcare Inc. N
54100 APS Paper Claim N
16120 ARAZ Group N
77045 Arcadian Management Services Inc N
36356 Argus Health Systems N
86062 Arizona Foundation for Medical Care (AFMC) N
3432 Arizona Physicians IPA N
75278 Arkansas Best Corporation - Choice Benefits N
62176 Arkansas Managed Care Organization Inc N
95440 Arnett Health Plans N
Call ASC of Oho N
38265 ASR N
38265 ASR Corporation N
38265 ASR Health Benefits N
36326 Associates for Health Care Inc. (AHC) N
39065 Assurant Health N
37313 Assurant Health Self-Funded (Ft. Mill SC) N
37323 Assurant MiniMed-Key Family N
88035 AssureCare Inc. N
74240 Assured Benefits Administrators N
SX179 Asuris Northwest/MedAdvantage N
37294 ASW \ Lifewise N
95691 Athens Area Health Plan Select N
22304 Atlanticare [also known as Horizon HealthCare Admin (HHA)] N
13853 Atlantis Health Plan N
TH004 Atlas Administrators N
34148 Aultcare  
37242 Aultra Administrative Group N
38259 Automated Benefit Services N
37280 Automated Group Administration Inc. N
CAPMN Avalon Medical Group N
46045 Avera Health Plans N
48055 AveraAdvantage N
87098 Avesis Third Party Administrators N
59274 AvMed Inc. N
BKRFM Bakersfield Family Medical Center N
37248 Bass Administrators Inc. N
74230 BC Indigent N
49153 BCI Administrators Inc. N
95377 Beech Street N
63100 Behavioral Health Systems N
MPMOA Bella Vista Med Grp IPA N
SYMED Bellflower Hospital (Synermed) N
33192 Bencomp National Corporation N
36149 Benefit Administrative Systems N
25145 Benefit Coordinators Corporation (Pittsburgh PA) N
999 Benefit Management Services Inc. (BCBS LA) N
37212 Benefit Management Systems Inc N
39081 Benefit Plan Administrators Co. (Eau Claire WI) N
37118 Benefit Plan Administrators Inc. (Roanoke VA) N
74223 Benefit Planners Inc. N
38257 Benefit Source Inc. N
36342 Benefit Systems & Services Inc. (BSSI) N
87265 Benesight N
37248 Benesys N
37248 Benesys Inc. N
Call Berkshire Health Partners - PPO Wyomissing PA (IHS Gateway Payer) N
Call Berkshire Lehigh Partners N
95604 Best Life & Health Insurance Co. N
62183 Better Health Plans Inc. N
32006 Better Health Plans of South Carolina N
SX002 BHSG of Tennessee N
15754 Blue Grass Family Health/SRRIPA N
61124 Bluegrass Family Health N
13337 BMC HealthNet Plan N
20018 BMGI - Benefit Management Group Inc. N
36609 Boilermakers National Health & Welfare Fund N
74238 Boon-Chapman Benefit Administrators Inc. N
13337 Boston Medical Center Health Plan Inc. N
37286 BPA/Benefit Plan Administrators (North Dakota) N
13310 BPS Inc. N
52192 Bravo Health N
52192 Bravo Health N
37285 Bridgestone Claims Services N
68054 Bridgeway Arizona N
51037 Brockerage Concepts Inc. N
35182 Brodart N
Call Brokerage Service Inc N
37314 Broward Health N
94316 Brown & Toland Medical Group N
TH075 Bryan Independent School N
Call BSI N
32004 Buckeye Community Health N
42150 Butler Benefit N
23708 C&O Employees Hospital Association N
73071 C. L. Frates & Co - OSMA Health N
33192 Cadent Administrators N
33192 Cadent Underwriters N
NCH05 California Eye Care - New Century Health N
CALOP Cal-Optima Direct N
71057 Cannon Cochran Management Services Inc. Metairie LA N
CAPMN CAP Management N
38245 Cape Health Plan N
87726 Capital Community Health Plan N
SX065 Capital District Physician's Health Plan N
95112 Capital Health Plan N
68011 Capitol Administrators N
57116 Care 1st Health Plan of Arizona N
77082 Care Improvement Plus N
AMM01 Care Network N
41222 Care To Care N
11345 CareCentrix N
38269 Carechoices Michigan - Mercy Healthplans N
14182 CareCore National N
14184 CareCore National - Healthnet N
14185 CareCore National LLC - Health Net New Jersey N
14179 CareCore National LLC (Aetna Radiology Claims) N
14180 CareCore National LLC (Oxford Radiology Claims) N
16147 CareGuide N
25139 Carelink Health Plan N
25139 Carelink Health Plan N
25140 Carelink Medicaid N
25140 Carelink Medicaid N
CARMO Caremore N
25142 Carenet N
25142 Carenet N
93975 CareOregon Inc. N
NCH04 CarePlus Cardiology - New Century Health N
NCH01 CarePlus Dermatology - New Century Health N
65031 CarePlus Health Plans Inc. N
NCH07 CarePlus Oncology - New Century Infusion Solutions N
NCH03 CarePlus Urology - New Century Health N
31114 CareSource OH N
10010 Careworks N
62073 Cariten Healthcare N
62072 Cariten Senior Health N
57105 Carolina Care Plan N
SX191 Carolina Crescent Health Plan Inc. N
56195 Carolina Summit Healthcare Inc. N
25125 Carpenter's Health and Welfare Trust Fund of St. Louis N
SX183 Catholic Healthcare West N
55438 CBCA Administrators N
41170 CBCA Administrators (HRM) N
41124 CBSA N
87065 CDO Technologies N
88022 CDS Group Health N
95166 Cedars-Sinai Medical Network Services N
91136 Cement Masons & Plasterers Health & Welfare Trust N
68058 Cenpatico - FL N
68047 Cenpatico Behavioral Health - Kansas N
68048 Cenpatico Behavioral Health of Arizona N
68051 Cenpatico Behavioral Health-OHIO N
68050 Cenpatico Georgia N
68052 Cenpatico Indiana N
68056 Centene Advantage Plans N
13357 CenterCare N
31118 Central Benefits Life N
31118 Central Benefits Mutual N
31118 Central Benefits National N
34097 Central Reserve Life N
62218 Central SeniorCare N
36215 Central States Health & Welfare Funds N
E3510 Central Valley Medical Group N
Call Centre for Health Care N
48120 Century Health Solutions N
23171 CHA Health N
16600 Chautauqua County Healthcare Plan (Mayville NY) N
25151 CHCcares of South Carolina N
59223 Chesapeake Life Insurance Company - Insurance Center N
34154 Chesterfield Resources Inc. N
94321 Children First Medical Group N
84146 Children of Women Vietnam Veterans-VA HAC N
Call Children's Clinics for Rehabilitative Services N
37314 Children's Medical Services - Broward NORTH N
AMM01 Children's Treatment Unit (CTU) N
94302 Chinese Community Health Plan N
33065 CHOC - Children's Hospital Of Orange County Health Alliance N
76049 Choice One/UTMB CHIP Health Plan N
61271 Christian Brothers Services N
62308 CIGNA N
62308 CIGNA - PPA N
62308 CIGNA - PPO N
SX071 CIGNA Behavioral Health N
62308 CIGNA Health Plan - HMO N
86033 CIGNA Medicare Advantage N
46871 Cincinnati Financial Corporation N
TH130 Citrus Health N
CVPG1 Citrus Valley Physicians Medical Group N
TH107 City of Amarillo N
TKFMC City of Visalia N
39141 Claims Management Services N
57080 ClaimsWare Inc. dba ManageMed N
33192 Clarendon's Healthy Kids N
77201 Clearchoice Health Plan / COIHS N
52611 CM Administrators Inc N
77052 Coastal Administrative Services N
38335 Cofinity N
84129 Colorado Access N
91162 Columbia United Providers N
34181 Commerce Benefits Group N
37237 CommonWealth Administrative Group N
14315 Commonwealth Care Alliance N
23282 Community Care BHO N
73143 Community Care Managed Health Care Plans of Oklahoma N
39126 Community Care Organization N
71079 Community Care Plus N
38325 Community Choice of Michigan N
26231 Community Claims Administration N
SYMED Community Family Care (SynerMed) N
TH005 Community First N
35193 Community Health Alliance N
48145 Community Health Choice N
75261 Community Health Electronic Claims/CHEC/webTPA N
62149 Community Health Network of CT N
25175 Community Health Plan N
90010 Community Health Plan N
SB613 Community Health Plan Washington N
CMGVW Community Medical Group of West Valley N
34177 Comp - Ohio (Austintown OH) N
37297 CompBenefits Corporation N
95192 CompCare N
Call Complimentary Health Plan N
59314 Comprehensive Behavioral Care N
3036 Comprehensive Benefits Administrator Inc. N
78375 Connecticare - Medicare N
6105 ConnectiCare Inc N
37307 Connecticut Carpenters Health Fund N
62308 Connecticut General (CIGNA) N
37135 Consociate Group N
75284 Consolidated Associates Railroad N
71404 Continental General Insurance Company N
55544 Conversion Plan-APWU N
TH104 Cook Children's Health Group N
35149 Cook Group Health Plan N
52132 Cooperative Benefit Administrators (CBA) N
58204 Coordinated Medical Specialists N
58231 Core Administrative Services N
41045 CoreSource AZ MN N
75136 CoreSource Little Rock N
35182 CoreSource MD PA IL N
35180 CoreSource NC IN N
35183 CoreSource OH N
35202 Cornerstone Benefit Adminstrators N
41124 Corporate Benefit Services of America N
56116 Corporate Benefits Service Inc. (NC) N
37246 Corporate Systems Administration N
43160 Correctional Medical Services N
62553 Country Life Insurance Company N
58102 Covenant Administrators Inc. (Atlanta GA) N
TH108 Covenant Management Systems N
25152 Coventry Advantra (Texas New Mexico Arizona) N
25133 Coventry Health & Life (Oklahoma) N
25141 Coventry Health and Life Insurance (Tennessee) N
25149 Coventry Health Care - Nevada N
87043 Coventry Health Care National Network (f.k.a. First Health Direct) N
25130 Coventry Health Care of Delaware Inc. N
25130 Coventry Health Care of Delaware Inc. N
25127 Coventry Health Care of Georgia Inc. N
25132 Coventry Health Care of Iowa Inc. N
25132 Coventry Health Care of Iowa Inc. N
25133 Coventry Health Care of Kansas Inc. N
25135 Coventry Health Care of Louisiana Inc. N
25135 Coventry Health Care of Louisiana Inc. N
25136 Coventry Health Care of Nebraska Inc. N
25136 Coventry Health Care of Nebraska Inc. N
87043 Coventry Missouri N
64068 Creative Medical Systems N
37320 Creative Plan Administrators N
37266 Croy-Hall Mgmt. Inc. N
AMM01 Custody Medical Services (CMS) N
39170 Custom Benefit Administrators N
82056 Custom Design Benefits Inc. N
6172 Dart Management Corporation N
TH073 Dart Management Corporation N
33066 Davita Health N
39113 Dean Health Plan N
64159 Definity Health N
27009 Delaware Physicians Care Inc. N
94235 Delta Health Systems N
84134 Denver Health - Indigent N
84133 Denver Health and Hospital Authority N
84135 Denver Health Medical Plan N
84131 Denver Health Medical Plan Inc. - Medicare Choice N
SKOH0 Dept. of Human Services N
SX105 Deseret Mutual N
PPM01 Desert Family Practice Association N
PPM01 Desert Hosptial N
DESRT Desert Medical Group N
36436 Destiny Health N
56240 Detroit Medical Center N
Call Devon Health N
25131 Diamond Plan N
25131 Diamond Plan N
23706 Directors Guild of America - Producer Health Plan N
6102 Diversified Administration Corporation N
SYMED Doctors Hospital of Montclair (San Bernadino) (Synermed) N
APP01 Downey Select IPA (Applecare Medical Managment) N
Call Dr. Rivera N
35186 Dunn and Associates Benefits Administrators Inc. N
TH084 Early Intervention Central N
Call East Bay Medical Network N
EMG11 Eastland Medical Group N
Call EBC Inc. N
Call EBC Mid-America N
31074 EBMC N
SX110 Educators Mutual (EMIA) N
TH090 El Paso First - Chip N
MPMOA El Proyecto Del Barrio IPA N
31625 ElderPlan Inc. N
36399 Elmcare LLC N
37253 Elmco N
34167 Emerald Health Network Inc. (All PPO Business) N
AMM01 Emergency Medical Service Fund (EMSF) N
59299 EMI-KP Ambulance Claims N
PPM01 Empire Physician's Medical Group N
Pilot Employee Benefit Administration & Management Corporation N
Call Employee Benefit Claims - Mid-America N
Call Employee Benefit Claims of WI N
Call Employee Benefit Claims of Wisconsin N
38241 Employee Benefit Concepts (Farmington Hills MI) N
Call Employee Benefit Consultants Inc. N
37215 Employee Benefit Corporation N
31074 Employee Benefit Management Corp (EBMC) N
37216 Employee Benefit Services (Ft. Mill SC) N
41198 Employee Benefit Services of Louisiana Inc (EBS) N
TH109 Employee Benefit Services of San Antonio N
22262 Employee Benefits Administration and Management Corp. N
3036 Employee Benefits Plan Administration Inc. (E.B.P.A.) N
75184 Employee Claim ADJ N
SYMED Employee Health System N
35112 Employee Plans LLC N
74212 Employer Plan Services N
75232 Employers Direct Health N
75236 Employer's Direct Health - Employee Plan N
75235 Employer's Direct Health - FI N
75233 Employer's Direct Health - SF P
20508 Employers Health Network LLC N
39026 Employers Insurance of Wausau N
59298 Employers Mutual Inc (Jacksonville Florida) N
59331 Employers Mutual Inc. (Stuart Florida) N
35206 Encircle PPO N
37110 Encompass N
35206 Encore Health Network N
91136 Enstar Natural Gas N
73126 Equitable Plan Services (Oklahoma City OK) N
23250 Erin Group Administrators N
34108 ES Beveridge and Associates N
34159 E-V Benefits Management Inc (Columbus OH) N
87726 Evercare N
58233 Evergreen Health Plan N
59313 Evolutions Healthcare Systems (New Port Richey FL) N
EXC01 Excel MSO N
CAPMN Exceptional Care Medical N
71412 ExclusiCare N
91136 F40 Alaska Carpenters Trust N
95432 Facey Medical Foundation N
37300 FACS Group N
22254 Fallon Community Health Plan N
CAPMN Family Health Alliance N
31472 Family Health Partners - Healthwave of Kansas N
43173 Family Health Partners/MC+ Missouri N
TH045 Family Health Plan N
AMM01 Family Seniors Medical Group N
37289 FARA Benefit Services Inc. N
14140 Farm Family Life N
33033 FCE Benefit Administrators N
37300 Federated Benefits N
37300 Federated HR Services N
41041 Federated Mutual Insurance N
11315 Fidelis Care New York N
77054 Fidelis Secure Care N
56196 First Carolina Care N
91131 First Choice Health Administrators N
Call First Choice Health Administrators N
91131 First Choice Health Network N
14162 First Choice HealthPlans of Connecticut N
75138 First Choice of Midwest (PPO) N
73159 First Health Network (f.k.a. CCN Managed Care Inc. & PPO Oklahoma) N
73159 First Health Network (f.k.a. CCN Managed Care Inc. & PPO Oklahoma) N
58203 First Medical Network (FMN) - Atlanta GA N
59276 First Service Administrators Inc N
TH003 FirstCare N
39026 Fiserv Health - Wausau Benefits/Benesight N
62061 Fiserv Health-Kansas N
11244 Fitzharris & Company Inc. N
59322 Florida Health Care Plan N
59321 Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems N
48116 Florida Hospital Waterman N
59698 Florida League of Cities Inc. N
48117 FMH Benefit Services Inc. N
87066 Formax Inc. N
TKFMC Foundation for Medical Care of Tulare & Kings County N
64069 Fox-Everett Inc. N
41212 Freedom Health Plan N
23130 Fresenius Medical Care N
TKFMC Friant Water Users N
59069 Fringe Benefit Management N
59204 Fringe Benefits Coordinators N
34171 FrontPath Health Coalition N
30005 Galveston County Indigent Health Care N
SYMED Garfield Medical Center (Synermed) N
60550 Gateway Health Plan - Medicare Assured N
25169 Gateway Health Plan Medicaid PA N
76028 Gateway Health Plan of Ohio Inc. N
91741 Gateway Health Plan OH- Medicare Assured N
PROSP Gateway IPA (Pinnacle Health Resources) (Prospect Medical Group) N
37283 GBA N
75273 Geisinger Health Plan N
MCS01 GEMCare (Golden Empire Managed Care System) N
MCS03 Gemcare Health Plan N
AMM01 Genesis Healthcare N
23212 Gettysburg Health N
22937 GHI - Medicare Private Fee for Service N
13551 GHI - New York (Group Health Inc.) N
25531 GHI HMO N
25141 GHP (Group Health Plan) N
80314 GIC Indemnity Plan N
7205 Gilsbar Inc. N
AMM01 Glendale Physician's Alliance N
7689 Global Care Inc. N
MPMOA Global Care Med Grp IPA N
47083 GMS Inc. N
37602 Golden Rule Insurance Company N
MBA01 Golden State Medical Group N
72189 Golden Triangle Physician Alliance/SelectCare of Texas (GTPA) N
AMM01 Good Samaritan Medical Practice Association N
44054 Government Employees Hospital Association (GEHA) N
37234 Grant Physicians Practice Association N
95467 Great Lakes Health Plan N
CAPMN Greater L.A. Health N
NMM01 Greater Orange County Medical Group N
NMM01 Greater San Gabriel Med Grp N
CAPMN Greater San Gabriel Valley Physicians N
80705 Great-West Healthcare N
63665 Great-West Healthcare (formerly American General) N
36338 Group Administrators Ltd. N
48143 Group and Pension Administrators N
72153 Group Benefit Administrators (Hendersonville TN) N
91051 Group Health Cooperative - WA State N
91121 Group Health Cooperative - WA State N
95192 Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire N
39167 Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin N
39168 Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin N
22937 Group Health Inc. N
38194 Group Health Managers N
91051 Group Health Options - WA State N
91121 Group Health Options - WA State N
37276 Group Insurance Service Center Inc. N
68046 Group Practice Affiliates N
64246 Guardian Life Insurance Company of America N
37114 H.E.R.E.I.U Welfare Pension Funds N
38224 HAP/AHL/Curanet N
36406 Harmony Health Plan of Illinois N
36405 Harmony Health Plan of Indiana N
75196 Harrington Benefit Services Inc. N
95266 Harrington Benefit Services Inc. N
4271 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care N
99208 Hawaii Management Alliance Association (HMAA) N
37111 HCH Administration (Illinois) N
37215 HCH Administration Inc. N
37329 HCHA Albq-Self Funded N
82018 HCS - Health Claims Service (Boise ID) N
TH070 HDM Benefit Solutions N
90023 HDPC - Premier Healthcare N
20257 HDPC/Alliance Physicians N
77950 Health Alliance Medical Plans N
25126 Health America Inc./Health Assurance/Advantra N
25126 Health America Inc./Health Assurance/Advantra N
25126 Health Assurance/Health America Inc./Advantra N
42102 Health Care Network of Wisconsin (HCN) N
62180 Health Choice Generations N
62111 Health Cost Solutions N
34158 Health Design Plus (Hudson OH) N
30946 Health Future LLC. N
TH049 Health Management Administrators (HMA) N
62295 Health Market Care Assured N
38309 Health Net of Arizona N
95567 Health Net of California and Oregon - Claims N
6108 Health Net of the Northeast Inc. N
SX185 Health Net Pearl N
20199 Health Network America N
Call Health New England N
SX030 Health Options of Florida N
36368 Health Options of Illinois N
62157 Health Partners - Jackson TN N
80142 Health Partners PA N
20270 Health Payment Systems Inc. N
83253 Health Plan of Michigan N
68035 Health Plan of San Joaquin N
Call Health Plan of San Mateo N
44273 Health Plans Inc. N
11324 Health Plus PHSP (Brooklyn NY) N
55438 Health Risk Management N
20896 Health Services Consulting Group Inc. N
37290 Health Services for Children with Special Needs N
34167 Health Services Preferred (HSP) by Emerald Health N
SX044 Health Strategies N
27008 Health Systems International - ECOH N
MPMOA Healthcare La IPA N
HCP01 Healthcare Partners N
11328 HealthCare Partners IPA N
56731 Healthcare Resources NW N
73147 Healthcare Solutions Group N
31147 Healthcare Transaction Processing Inc (HTP) N
25143 Healthcare USA N
25143 Healthcare USA N
62179 Healthchoice of AZ N
85729 Healthcomp Inc. N
41178 HealthEZ N
80141 Healthfirst Health Plan of New Jersey N
80141 Healthfirst Inc. (New York) N
75234 Healthfirst TPA (Tyler TX) N
96475 Healthlink HMO N
90001 Healthlink PPO N
SYMED HealthNet Cal Care (Synermed only) N
55204 Healthnow Division N
SX009 HealthPartners MN N
59140 HealthPlan Services N
38216 HealthPlus of Michigan N
71063 HealthSCOPE Benefits Inc. N
HSM01 HealthSmart -Noble Mid Orange N
75250 HealthSmart Preferred Care Inc. N
71075 Healthsource AR (Med) (CIGNA) N
2041 Healthsource CMHC N
58210 Healthsource GA (CIGNA) N
61127 Healthsource KY N
2041 Healthsource Massachusetts Inc. N
1041 Healthsource ME N
75255 Healthsource N. TX (CIGNA) N
56147 Healthsource NC (CIGNA) N
2038 Healthsource NH N
31141 Healthsource OH N
68195 Healthsource Provident N
6119 Healthsource SC N
62129 Healthsource TN (CIGNA) N
HSPAN Healthspan Network Repricing N
33104 HealthSpring N
63092 HealthSpring HMO/HealthSpring Medicare+Choice N
36332 HealthStar Inc. N
58213 Healthways WholeHealth Networks N
59230 Heritage Consultants N
TH011 Heritage Physician Network N
DESRT Heritage Provider Network N
REGAL Heritage Provider Network N
36335 HFN Inc. N
HDMDG High Desert Medical Group N
33069 High Desert Primary Care N
35145 Highmark- Key Family N
46 Hill Physicians Medical Group N
59347 Hillcrest Benefit Administrators N
36385 Hinsdale Physician Healthcare N
55247 HIP - Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York N
86066 HMA Hawaii N
SYMED Hollywood Presbyterian (Synermed) N
36412 Holy Cross Health Partners N
88023 Hometown Health Plan Nevada N
22304 Horizon HealthCare Admin (HHA) N
22326 Horizon NJ Health N
91136 Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Health Trust N
58227 HPS Paradigm Inc. N
13335 Hudson Health Plan N
NCH02 Humana Dermatology - New Century Health N
61101 Humana Emphesys N
61101 Humana Employers Health Insurance N
61101 Humana Inc. N
61101 Humana Insurance Company Choice Care Network N
61125 Humana Military - Tricare South N
61160 Humana VA Hero N
94154 Humboldt-Del Norte Foundation for Medical Care N
37260 Hunt Insurance Group N
CAPMN Huntington Park Mission Medical Group N
22175 I. E. Shaffer (West Trenton NJ) N
37279 IAA N
41124 IBI N
75274 IHG Direct N
Call IHS Networks - 1 N
86069 Illinois Health Solutions N
41600 I'Mcare N
Call Imperial County Physicians Medical Group N
TH099 IMS Management Services N
86070 IMX Easy N
40585 INDECS Corporation N
MHM01 Independence Medical Group N
SX073 Independent Health N
Call Indian Health Services N
35204 Indiana Health Network N
35161 Indiana ProHealth Network N
35107 Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund (Indianapolis IN) N
31053 Individual Health Insurance Companies N
52196 Informed LLC N
36348 Ingalls Provider Group N
52212 Injured Workers Insurance Fund N
IEHP1 Inland Empire Health Plan N
Call Innovative Healthware Services Inc. N
Call Innovative Healthware Services Networks - Plan B N
37279 Insurance Administrators of America Inc. N
13315 Insurance Design Administrators N
88006 Insurance Management Services (Elko NV) N
TH012 Insurance Services of Lubbock N
SX011 Insurdata/Insurnational N
86304 Insurers Administrative Corp. N
51020 Integra Administrative Group (Seaford DE) N
31127 Integra Group N
31129 Integra Group-CHA N
74314 Integrant /SelectCare of Texas N
34167 Integrated Care Network (ICN) by Emerald Health N
68053 Integrated Mental Health Services N
37227 InterCare Health Plans Inc. N
60280 Interface EAP (IEAP) N
23287 Intergroup Services Corporation N
36609 International Brotherhood of Boilermakers N
48603 International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Employee Health Care Plan(IBBEHC) N
16158 International Educational Exchange Services Inc. (IEES) N
TH105 International Medical Group N
64157 International Union of Operating Engineers ~ Local 15 15A 15C & 15D N
84137 InterWest Health (Acceptius Gateway payer) N
41124 Iowa Benefits Inc. N
86068 Iowa Health Solutions N
Pilot IU Medical Group Primary Care N
SX172 IU Medical Group Primary Care N
61271 J. F. Molloy and Associates Inc. N
37272 J. Smith Lanier & Co. Administrators N
5014 Jackson Memorial Health Plan (FL) N
PPM01 JFK Hospital N
TH033 JI Specialties N
41099 John Alden Life Insurance Co. N
68036 John Muir Mt. Diablo Health System N
68036 John Muir Physician Network N
52189 Johns Hopkins Healthcare (EHP/PP) N
52123 Johns Hopkins Healthcare (USFHP) N
43178 Joplin Claims N
AMM01 Joy Medical Group N
34136 JP Farley Corporation N
37272 JSL Administrators N
91617 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado N
94135 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Northern CA Region N
34092 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Ohio N
94134 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Southern CA Region N
52095 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States Inc. N
93079 Kaiser Foundation of the Northwest N
21313 Kaiser Permanente of Georgia N
94320 Kaiser PPO N
57038 Kanawha HealthCare Solutions Inc. N
57038 Kanawha Insurance Co. N
81812 Katy Medical Claims N
TKFMC Kaweah Delta N
73100 Kempton Company N
73100 Kempton Group Administrators N
77039 Kern Health Systems N
37217 Key Benefit Administrators (Indianapolis IN) N
Pilot Key Health N
IP082 Key Medical Group N
37321 Key Select N
23284 Keystone Mercy Health Plan N
34145 Klais & Company N
KAMG1 Korean American Medical Group N
KPS01 KPS-Kitsap Physician Services N
LACAR LA Care Health Plan N
95415 Lakeside Health Services N
LMG11 Lakeside Health Services N
36333 Lawndale Christian Health Center N
52193 LBA Health Plans N
37316 Leon Medical Center Health Plan N
37248 LHP Claims Unit N
87071 Liberty Health Advantage N
11123 Liberty Mutual Insurance Company N
37281 Liberty Union N
37281 Life Assurance Company N
TH120 Life Investors Insurance N
TH093 Life Investors of America - Long Term Care N
41136 Life Trac N
91155 Lifewise Health Plan of Arizona N
93093 LifeWise Healthplan of Oregon N
See Comments Lifewise of Arizona N
TH106 LIPA/Agate Resources N
35107 Local 135 Health Benefits Fund (Indianapolis IN) N
37267 Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center Employee Health Plan N
37267 Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Centers N
37267 Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center Employee Health Plan N
37267 Loma Linda University Employee Health Plan N
37267 Loma Linda University Health Care Employee Health Plan N
33036 Loma Linda University Healthcare - ManagedCare Claims N
37267 Loma Linda University Medical Center Employee Health Plan N
37267 Loma Linda University Medical Center Residents Health Plan N
37267 Loma Linda University Student Health Plan N
SX159 Lovelace Salud N
90328 Lovelace Sandia Health Plan N
54195 Lumenos Inc. N
CAPMN Mabuhay Medical Group N
Call MacNeal Health Providers- CHS N
1260 Magellan Health Services N
11303 Magnacare N
62413 Mail Handlers Benefit Plan N
22195 Maksin Management Corporation N
52148 MAMSI Life and Health Insurance Co. (MLH) N
NYI0063 Managed Care Inc dba Galaxy Health Network N
35162 Managed Care Services LLC N
MCS02 Managed Care Systems (Delano Regional Medical Group) N
MCS01 Managed Care Systems (Gemcare) N
22771 Managed Health Network N
39186 Managed Health Services Indiana (Medicaid HMO) N
39187 Managed Health Services Wisconsin N
41159 Managed Physical Network N
41555 Manatee Service Center (Bradenton FL) N
98010 Manulife W. J. Sutton Company N
48055 Marquette Life Insurance Company N
13310 Marsh Advantage N
22348 Maryland Physicians Care N
37121 Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation N
TH111 Master Mates & Pilots Program N
87065 MBA Benefit Administrators Inc. (Salt Lake City UT) N
87065 MBA of Wyoming (Worland WY) N
56205 MBS N
MHM02 McKinley Medical Group N
52148 MD - Individual Practice Association Inc. (M.D. IPA) N
20475 MDWise Hoosier Alliance N
52203 Med3000 N
58202 MedAdmin Solutions N
58204 MedAdmin Solutions N
74323 MedBen (Newark OH) N
59231 MedCom N
56162 MedCost Inc. N
38353 MedDirect N
95321 Medfocus N
94265 Medica N
37298 Medical Benefit Administrators Inc/dba MBA of MD Inc N
MBA01 Medical Benefits Administration N
74323 Medical Benefits Administrators Inc. (Newark OH) N
74323 Medical Benefits Companies (Newark OH) N
74323 Medical Benefits Mutual (Newark OH) N
74323 Medical Benefits Mutual Life Insrance Co. N
4258 Medical Claims Service Inc. N
75229 Medical Control Inc. N
29076 Medical Mutual of Ohio N
Pilot Medical Network Inc. (Maine) N
84600 Medical Network of Colorado Springs N
AMM02 Medical Services for Indigents N
38224 Medical Value Plan - Ohio (MVP) N
CAPMN Medicina Familiar Medical Group N
37304 Mediversal N
35205 MedPartners N
MPMOA MedPOINT Management N
62160 MedSolutions Inc N
59221 Mega Life & Health Insurance Company - Insurance Center N
1047 MEMIC N
62181 Memorial Clinical Associates/ SelectCare of Texas (MCA) N
TH092 Memorial Herman Health Network Providers N
Call Memorial PSN/CMS N
36193 Memphis Managed Care N
13310 Mercer Administrators N
86052 Mercy Care Plan (AHCCCS) N
71079 Mercy Care Plus N
43166 Mercy Health Plans N
Call MercyCare N
64158 Meritain Health / Agency Services N
64157 Meritain Health/North American Administrators N
85035 Mesa Mental Health N
65113 Metcare Health Plans Inc. N
Pilot Methodist Associate Health Plan N
13265 Metro Plus Health Plan N
10850 Metropolitan Health Plan N
TH068 Metrowest HealthPlan N
TH069 Metrowest Star Medicaid N
23550 MFC & HealthPlus Peoria N
37127 Michael Reese Physicians Group N
52149 Mid Atlantic Psychiatric Services Inc. (MAPSI) N
37281 Mid-America Associates Inc. N
SYMED Mid-County Physicians Medical Group (San Diego) (Synermed) N
47080 Midlands Choice Inc. N
76079 Midwest Health Partners N
TH074 Midwest Health Plans Inc. N
59224 Mid-West National Life Insurance Co. of Tennessee - Insurance Center N
74227 Mid-West National Life Insurance Co. of Tennessee - Student Insurance N
79480 Midwest Security of WI N
MPHS1 Mills Peninsula Health Services N
MPMG1 Mills Peninsula Medical Group N
5018 MIPS N
STJOE Mission (St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare) N
MPMOA Mission Community IPA Med Grp N
PPM01 Mission Medical Group N
37233 Mississippi Public Entity Employee Benefit Trust N
64088 Mississippi Select Health Care N
37275 Missoula County Medical Benefits Plan N
43179 Missouri Care/MC N
62178 MMS LLC. N
41154 MMSI N
38333 Molina Healthcare of CALIFORNIA N
51062 Molina Healthcare of Florida N
38334 Molina Healthcare of MICHIGAN N
20676 Molina Healthcare of Nevada N
9824 Molina Healthcare of New Mexico N
20149 Molina Healthcare of Ohio N
20554 Molina Healthcare of Texas N
38336 Molina Healthcare of WASHINGTON N
91128 Molina Healthcare of Washington ASO N
SX109 Molina Healthcare Utah (aka: American Family Care) N
IP095 Monarch IPA N
13174 Montefiore Contract Management Organization N
TH094 Monumental Life Insurance Company N
TH121 Monumental Life Insurance Company N
IP083 Mosaic IPA Medical Group N
36111 Motorola N
86040 Mountain States Administrative Services (Tucson AZ) N
37233 MPE Services Inc. N
37233 MPEEBT N
95444 MPLAN Inc./HealthCare Group LLC N
SYMED Multicultural Primary Care Medical Group (San Diego) (Synermed) N
39634 Multiplan Inc. for American Family N
34080 Multiplan Wisconsin Preferred Provider Network N
37256 Mutual Assurance Administrators N
59140 Mutual Group (The) (US) N
71412 Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company N
71412 Mutually Preferred N
14165 MVP Health Plan of NY N
91136 N.W. Ironworkers Health & Security Trust Fund N
91136 N.W. Roofers & Employers Health & Security Trust Fund N
91136 N.W. Textile Processors N
65085 NAA (North America Administrators L.P.) (Nashville TN) N
34159 NABN (Cleveland OH) N
53011 NALC/Affordable N
TH088 Naperville Healthcare N
53011 National Association of Letter Carriers N
53011 National Association of Letter Carriers/NALC N
56175 National Benefit Administrators - New Jersey N
56176 National Benefit Administrators - North Carolina N
90001 National Capital Preferred Provider Organization (NCPPO) N
75275 National Health Insurance Company N
SX190 National Imaging Associates N
52132 National Rural Electric Coop (NRECA) N
71412 National Rural Letter Carrier Association N
52104 National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA - Staff) N
52103 National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) N
31417 Nationwide Health Plans N
75191 NCAS - Charlotte N
75190 NCAS - Fairfax VA N
96107 Neighborhood Health Partnership of Florida N
4293 Neighborhood Health Plan (Boston MA) N
5047 Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island (NHPRI) N
37255 Nesika Health Group N
66055 Netcare Life and Health Insurance (Hagatna Guam) N
4332 Network Health N
77076 Network Health Insurance Corp-Medicare N
39144 Network Health Plan of Wisconsin Inc. N
NMM01 Network Medical Management N
58204 Network TPA LLC N
86067 NevadaCare N
NCH09 New Century Health - Vista Cardiology N
76031 New Era Employee Welfare Benefit Plan Trust N
75281 New Era Life Insurance Company N
65056 New Market Dimensions N
SX164 New West Health Services N
TH122 New York Life N
11334 New York Network Management N
48186 New York Presbyterian Community Health Plan N
24819 New York Presbyterian System Select Health N
38225 NGS American Inc N
11325 NHP/SHP (Neighborhood Health Providers and Suffolk Health Plan) N
81264 Nippon Life Insurance Company of America N
22603 NJ Carpenters Health Fund N
Pilot NMCI N
PDT01 Noble AMA Select IPA N
CAPMN Noble Community Medical Associates LA N
64157 North American Administrators Inc. N
34159 North American Benefits Network (Cleveland OH) N
64157 North American Health Plan N
36398 North American Medical Management - IL N
E3510 North American Medical Management (NAMM) - Northern California N
E3510 North American Medical Management (NAMM) - Southern California N
64157 North American Preferred N
37314 North Broward Hospital District N
Call North County Health Services N
36392 North Suburban Associated Physicians N
35212 North Texas Healthcare Network N
PROSP North West Orange County Medical Group N
38238 Northern California Sheet Metal Workers Health Care Plan N
36347 Northern Illinois Health Plan N
88027 Northern Nevada Trust Fund N
NMG01 Northridge Medical Group N
36364 NorthShore University Health System Medical Group N
NSA01 NorthStar Advantage N
62119 Northwest Diagnostic Clinic/SelectCare of Texas (NWDC) N
36346 Northwest Suburban IPA (Illinois) N
16644 Nova Healthcare Administrators Inc. (Grand Island NY) N
6226 Novanet N
71080 Novasys Health Network N
PROSP Nuestra Familia Medical Group (Prospect Medical Group) N
37299 Nyhart N
72127 Ochsner Health Plan N
13350 ODS Health Plan N
72087 Office of Group Benefits- Louisiana N
14163 Ohana Health Plan N
34189 Ohio Health Choice PPO N
95435 Ohio Health Group N
ODJFS Ohio Medicaid Y
883 Ohio Medicare Y
74431 Ohio PPO Connect N
22521 OK State Employees & Educators (EDS) N
25150 Omnicare A Coventry Health Plan N
25150 Omnicare A Coventry Health Plan N
OMN02 Omnicare Medical Group (OMNI) N
22321 One Call Medical N
52149 OneNet PPO LLC. N
91136 Operating Engineers Locals 302 & 612 Health & Security Fund N
54154 Optima Health N
54154 Optima Health Plan N
54154 Optima Insurance Company N
52148 Optimum Choice Inc. (OCI) N
52152 Optimum Choice of the Carolinas Inc. (OCCI) N
41194 OptumHealth - CMC N
13382 Orthonet - Uniformed Services Family Health Plan N
13383 Orthonet- Aetna N
13381 Orthonet Corporation - CIGNA N
25681 Orthonet-HealthNet N
62171 OSF Health Plans N
73071 OSMA Health - C. L. Frates N
SX193 OSNA Cigna Commercial N
SX194 OSNA Cigna Medicare N
SX195 OSNA United Health Care N
6111 Oxford Health Plans N
87068 P5 Health Plan Solutions of Utah N
SYMED Pacific Alliance Medical Group and Hospital (Synermed) N
33053 PacifiCare Behavioral Health N
95964 PacifiCare of Arizona - Claims N
95959 PacifiCare of California - Claims N
95962 PacifiCare of Colorado - Claims N
95959 PacifiCare of Oklahoma - Claims N
95959 PacifiCare of Oregon - Claims N
95959 PacifiCare of Texas - Claims N
95959 PacifiCare of Washington - Claims N
95999 PacifiCare PPO - All States N
93029 PacificSource Health Plans N
37287 PAI N
SMOH0 Palmetto N
Call Paragon Benefits Inc. N
SX158 Paramount Health N
Call Park Terrace/Encompass Medical Group N
66917 Parkland Community Health Plan N
Call Partners National Health Plans of North Carolina Inc N
CAPMN Pasadena Primary Care Physicians N
SX154 Passport Advantage N
61129 Passport Health Plan N
10525 Patient Advocates LLC N
68049 Peach State Health Plan N
PROSP Pegasus Medical Group N
Call PEHP - Utah Public Employee Health Plan N
Call Pennsylvania's Preferred Health Network N
72126 Peoples Health Network N
41124 Performax Inc. N
25146 PersonalCare N
25146 PersonalCare N
3440 Phoenix Health Plan N
12399 PHP - Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana (Fort Wayne IN) N
87726 PHP of South Michigan N
87726 PHP of Southwest Michigan N
87726 PHP of West Michigan N
62155 PHP TennCare N
37330 Phyicians Health Plan (PHP) Mid-Michigan N
58204 Physician Associates of Louisiana N
Call Physician Associates of the Greater San Gabriel Valley N
PA513 Physician Associates of the Greater San Gabriel Valley N
58204 Physician Care Network LLC N
15749 Physicians Alliance/Stones River Regional IPA N
38265 Physicians Care N
38265 Physicians Care Health Plans N
38265 Physicians Care Network N
36345 Physicians Care Network (Rockford IL only) N
PDT01 Physician's Data Trust N
37136 Physicians Health Association of Illinois N
TH114 Physicians Health Choice - Encounters N
TH113 Physicians Health Claims - Claims N
20398 Physicians Health Collaborative N
MHM03 Physicians Health Network N
9173 Physicians Health Plan (PHP) - SC N
37330 Physicians Health Plan PHP South Michigan N
EXC01 Physicians Medical Group of San Jose N
47027 Physicians Mutual Insurance Company N
39156 Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation N
6607 Piedmont Behavioral Health N
9861 PIMA Health N
24735 Pinnacle Claims Management Inc. N
PROSP Pinnacle Health Resources (Prospect Medical Group) N
45985 Pinnacle Physician Management ORG N
84109 Pinnacol Assurance N
PIONR Pioneer Medical Group N
37224 Pittman & Associates N
64160 Pivotal Plan N
37287 Planned Administrators Inc. N
58204 Podi Care Managed Care N
32680 Poly America Medical & Dental Benefits Plan N
16111 POMCO N
IP057 Pomona Valley Medical Group N
38335 PPOM LLC N
72148 PPOPlus LLC N
4334 Practicare Inc N
LVIPA Prairie Medical Group N
36373 Prairie States Enterprises Inc. N
61665 Preferred Benefits Administrator N
SX089 Preferred Care N
59291 Preferred Care FL N
56178 Preferred Care NC N
65088 Preferred Care Partners Florida N
73145 Preferred Community Choice/PCCSelect/CompMed N
Call Preferred Health Care - PPO Lancaster PA (IHS Gateway Payer) N
61106 Preferred Health Plan (Louisville KY) N
31478 Preferred Health Professionals N
60110 Preferred Health Systems Insurance Company N
PFIPA Preferred IPA N
36401 Preferred Network Access Inc. N
60110 Preferred Plus of Kansas N
41147 Preferredone N
41147 PreferredOne (MN) N
43166 Premier Benefits Inc. N
43166 Premier Health Plans N
90440 Premier Health Systems Inc N
CAPMN Premier Physicians Network & Valley Division (PPN) N
5003 Presbyterian (NM) N
45056 Prestige Health Choice N
39185 Prevea Health Plan N
IP096 Prima Health IPA N
CAPMN Primary Care & Pediatrics IPA (PCPIPA) N
82048 Primary Health Network N
56144 Primary PhysicianCare Inc. N
56190 Prime Vision Health N
61604 Prime West Health Plan N
Call PrimeSource Health Network (PSHN) - PPO Harrisburg PA (IHS Gateway Payer) N
61271 Principal Financial Group N
61271 Principal Life Insurance Co. N
38217 Priority Health N
37268 Prism Network Inc. N
37296 Prism Network Inc. N
37303 Prism-First Health N
37315 Prism-Univera N
38329 Pro Care Health Plan Inc. (Detroit MI) N
PROSP ProCare (Prospect) N
70259 ProCare Health Plan Medicaid N
59296 Professional Benefit Administrators (Winter Park FL) N
36331 Professional Benefit Administrators Inc. (Oak Brook IL) N
41163 Professional Claim Administrators N
59041 Professional Insurance Company (PIC) (Formerly GE Voluntary Benefits PIC) N
34134 Professional Risk Management N
IP057 ProMed HealthCare Administrators N
PROSP Prospect Health Network N
PROSP Prospect Medical Group N
PROSP Prospect Sherman Oaks Medical Group (Prospect Medical Group) N
37309 Protective Life Insurance Company N
SX131 Providence of Oregon Choice Option N
SX132 Providence of Oregon Good Health Plan N
SX133 Providence of Oregon Health Plan N
SX134 Providence of Oregon Health Plan HMO N
SX135 Providence of Oregon Medicaid N
SX136 Providence of Oregon Medicaid Option N
SX137 Providence of Oregon Medicare Extra N
SX138 Providence of Oregon Option N
SX139 Providence of Oregon Traditional Option N
SX187 Providence PPO N
9822 PSN - Florida Medicaid (JMH N
91136 Puget Sound Benefits Trust N
91136 Puget Sound Electrical Workers Trust N
48055 Pyramid Life Insurance Company N
39197 Quad Med LLC (Pewaukee WI) N
35174 Qual Choice of Arkansas N
23342 QualCare Inc. N
37129 Quincy Health Care Management Inc. N
57117 QVI Risk Solutions Inc. N
TKFMC R&N Market N
91176 RBMS LLC N
SYMED Redlands IPA (Synermed) N
REGAL Regal Medical Group N
38221 Regency Employee Benefits N
47076 Regional Care Inc. N
37278 ResourceOne Administrators N
36396 Resurrection Health Care Preferred/FKA Family Medical Network N
37331 RightChoice Benefit Administrators N
MPMOA Riverside Family Health Med Grp IPA N
16117 RMSCO INC. N
SX141 Rocky Mountain Health Plan - Grand Junction N
37602 Rooney Life Inc. N
Call Rush Health Association N
36389 Rush Prudential Health Plans (HMO Only) N
31441 S & S Healthcare Strategies N
35164 Sagamore Health Network N
37105 Sage Technologies N
37137 Sage Technologies - PBS N
37259 SAMBA N
Call San Diego Physicians N
Call San Diego Physicians Medical Group Central Region N
68035 San Joaquin Health Administrators N
HSM01 San Judas Medical Group IPA N
91184 Sanford Health Plan N
77038 Sante Health System and Affiliates N
72261 SCAN Health Plan N
73172 Scan Health Plan Arizona N
20460 SCAN Long Term Care N
16146 SCHC Total Care Inc. (Acceptius Gateway payer) N
TH002 Scott & White N
13310 Seabury & Smith N
28530 Secure Health Plans of Georgia LLC N
95964 Secure Horizons Arizona - Claims N
95959 Secure Horizons California - Claims N
95962 Secure Horizons Colorado - Claims N
95959 Secure Horizons of Oklahoma - Claims N
95959 Secure Horizons of Oregon - Claims N
95959 Secure Horizons of Texas - Claims N
95959 Secure Horizons Washington - Claims N
39045 Security Health Plan N
64088 Select Administrative Services (SAS) N
37282 Select Benefit Administrators of America N
23285 Select Health of South Carolina N
20415 Select Senior Clinic N
14 SelectCare N
76045 SelectCare of Texas (HPN) Heritage Physicians Network N
61225 SelectCare of Texas (Kelsey-Seybold) N
SX107 SelectHealth N
59111 Self Insured Benefit Administrators (Clearwater FL) N
36404 Self Insured Plans (Naples FL) N
34131 Self-Funded Plans Inc. N
54154 Sentara Family Care N
54154 Sentara Health Management N
23249 Sentinel Management Services N
39033 Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company N
39033 Sentry Life Insurance Company N
39033 Sentry Life of New York N
CAPMN Seoul Medical Group N
TKFMC Sequoia Beverage N
76056 Seton CHIP N
TH080 Seton Employee Plan N
TH079 Seton Health Plan - Exclusive N
TH081 Seton MAP Program N
75280 Shasta Administrative Services N
TH115 Sheet Metal Workers - Local 91 N
38238 Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 Health Care Plan (San Ramon CA) N
Call Sheffield Olson & McQueen Inc N
PROSP Sierra Family Network (Prospect Medical Group) N
76342 Sierra Health Services N
MBA01 Sierra Nevada Medical Association N
62159 Signature Health Alliance N
36387 Silver Cross Managed Care Organization N
84076 Sinclair Health Plan N
84096 Sloans Lake Preferred Health Networks N
2057 Smith Administrators N
Call Solano Regional Medical Group N
91131 Sound Health (now known as First Choice Health Network) N
Call South Central Preferred - PPO York PA (IHS Gateway Payer) N
37314 South FL Community Care Network - NBHD N
Call South Haven Community Hospital N
SX142 South Indiana Health Operations - HMO N
SX143 South Indiana Health Options - Prime Care Choice N
SX144 South Indiana Health Options - TPA N
35227 South Point Hotel & Casino N
25147 SouthCare/Healthcare Preferred N
25147 SouthCare/Healthcare Preferred N
TH116 Southeast Texas Govt Employees Benefit Pool N
37318 Southern Benefit Services N
SYMED Southern CA Children's Network (SynerMed) N
SCP01 Southern Cal Physicians Managed Care Services N
25128 Southern Health Services Inc. N
25128 Southern Health Services Inc. N
SWSTA Southwest Administrators California N
SWSTA Southwest Administrators Nevada N
37266 Southwest Service Life N
37259 Special Agents Mutual Benefit Association N
52190 Special Risk International N
23253 Spectrum Administrators Inc. - TPA Allentown PA (IHS Gateway Payer) N
84146 Spina Bifida - VA HAC N
TH100 Spohn Health N
APP01 St Francis IPA N
STJOE St Jude Yorba Linda N
35199 St. Anthony Memorial Healthcare Centers - MDWISE N
22240 St. Barnabas System Health Plan N
35199 St. Catherine Hospital PHO - MDWISE N
35199 St. Francis Health Network N
37264 St. John's Claims Administration N
STJOE St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare N
STJOE St. Jude (St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare) N
35199 St. Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers - MDWISE N
37116 St. Therese Physician Association N
PDT01 St. Vincent IPA N
59225 Star HRG N
61425 Starmark N
61425 Starmark N
31053 State Farm Insurance Companies N
57254 State of Texas Dental Plan N
75087 States General Life Insurance N
14163 Staywell Health Plan N
91151 Sterling Option 1 N
31121 Stoner and Associates (Cincinnati OH) N
15752 Stones River Regional IPA- Windsor N
74227 Student Insurance - Mid-West National Life Insurance Co. of Tenessee N
74227 Student Insurance - The MEGA Life & Health Insurance Company N
35199 Suburban Health Organization N
88331 Suffolk Health Plan of New York N
95202 SummaCare Health Plan N
86071 Summerlin Life & Health Insurance N
37301 Summit America Insurance Services Inc. N
SX186 Sun Health Corporation N
67815 Sun Life and Health Insurance Company (U.S.) (formerly GLHIC) N
68057 Sunshine State Health Plan N
23218 Superior Administrators Inc (Santa Ana CA) N
39188 Superior Health Plan Texas N
Call Sutter Delta Medical Group N
Call Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation N
Call Sutter Gould Medical Foundation N
Call Sutter Independent Physicians N
Call Sutter Medical Foundation N
Call Sutter Medical Group of the Redwoods N
36411 Swedish Covenant Hospital N
SYMED Synermed N
TALMG Talbert Medical Group N
88067 Tall Trees Administrators N
37228 Tarrant Health Services N
94304 TBT N
88019 Teachers Health Trust N
75139 Team Choice Gold N
75133 Team Choice PNS N
75134 Team Choice UMC N
36215 Teamcare N
94304 Teamsters Benefit Trust N
36612 Teamsters Local Union #301 N
76048 Texas Children's Health Plan N
75228 Texas Childrens Health Plan (Medicaid) N
Call Texas Children's Star N
TH089 Texas Premier Plan N
TH055 Texas True Choice N
13185 TexasFirst Health Plan (NTX) N
74227 The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company - Student Insurance N
75600 The City of Odessa N
28777 The EPOCH Group N
37305 The Ford Meter Box Company Inc. N
20356 The Health Exchange (Cerner Corporation) N
34150 The Health Plan (Massillon Ohio and St. Clairsville Ohio only) N
35206 The Healthcare Group N
58200 The Integrity Benefit Group Inc. N
23223 The Loomis Company - TPA Wyomissing PA (IHS Gateway Payer) N
59221 The MEGA Life & Health Insurance Company - Insurance Center N
59225 The MEGA Life & Health Insurance Company - Starbridge StarHRG N
74227 The MEGA Life & Health Insurance Company - Student Insurance N
59227 The MEGA Life & Health Insurance Company-OKC N
59087 The National Radiology Network N
13522 The Perfect Health Insurance Co. N
31074 The Physicians Assurance Corp (TPAC) /Employee Benefit Management Corp (EBM N
Call The Preferred Healthcare System (TPHS) - PPO Altoona PA (IHS GatewayPayer) N
13142 The Union Labor Life Insurance Company N
SX160 Thomas H. Cooper N
25175 Three Rivers Health Plans Inc N
39065 Time Insurance Company N
74214 TML Intergovernmental Employee Benefit Pool N
15750 TN IPA N
20081 Today's Health Wisconsin N
48055 Today's Options (American Progressive and Pyramid Life) N
48055 Today's Options powered by CCRX N
92620 Tongass Timber Trust N
61425 Tooling & Manufacturing Association N
THIPA Torrance Hospital IPA N
68055 Total Carolina Care N
37314 Total Claims Administration N
31182 Total Community Care N
38201 Total Healthcare Inc. N
97910 Touchpoint Health Plan HMO N
23856 Touchstone Health PSO N
69493 Tower Life Insurance Co. N
TKFMC Town & Country N
31074 TPAC/Employee Benefit Management Corp N
37230 TR Paul Inc. N
TH127 TransAmerica Assurance Company (TLIN3) N
TH126 TransAmerica Assurance Company (TLINS) N
TH124 TransAmerica Assurance Company (TSAA2) N
TH125 TransAmerica Assurance Company (TSAAC) N
59222 TransAmerica Life Insurance Company N
TH128 TransAmerica Occidental Life Insurance (TOLIC) N
37284 TransChoice-Key Benefit Administrators N
36397 Trellis Health Partners N
73117 Tribute /SelectCare of Oklahoma N
57106 Tricare North Region N
57106 Tricare North Region N
PDT01 TriCities IPA N
38269 Trinity Health Plans N
34185 TriSurant (formerly Health Administration Services-HAS) N
98514 TRLHN/AS N
50884 TRLHN/AU N
62777 TRLHN/EB N
54210 True Choice USA N
91078 Trusteed Plans Service Corporation N
61425 Trustmark Insurance Company N
SX192 UAHC Health Plan of Tennessee N
87726 UBH - United Behavioral Health (former MetraHealth - UNET) N
87726 UBH - United Behavioral Health (Health Plan - HMO) N
SX178 UCARE of Minnesota N
22329 UHP of New Jersey N
74223 UICI - Administrators - State of Nevada N
  UICI - Administrators - State of Nevada N
52180 UMWA Health & Retirement Funds N
35198 Unified Group Services N
62170 Unified Health Services N
75243 Uniform Medical Plan/Harrington Benefit Services N
Call Union Pacific IPA N
70408 Union Security Insurance Company N
62183 Unison Health Plan/Better Health Plans N
25175 Unison Health Plan/Three Rivers N
UABT1 United Agriculture Benefit Trust N
CAPMN United Care Medical Network N
95378 United Healthcare of River Valley N
36273 United Healthcare Ovations Insurance Solutions (AARP) N
84132 United Medical Alliance N
31107 United Medical Resources N
71412 United of Omaha N
87726 UnitedHealthcare N
87726 UnitedHealthcare N
87726 UnitedHealthcare N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Alabama N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Arizona Inc. N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Arkansas N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of California - Northern California N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of California - Southern California N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Colorado Inc. N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Florida N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Georgia N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Illinois N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky Ltd. N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Louisiana N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Mississippi N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of New England N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of New York (includes New York and New Jersey) N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of North Carolina Inc. N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Ohio N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Tennessee N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Texas - Dallas N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Texas - Houston N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of the Mid-Atlantic N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of the Midlands - HMO (Choice Select) N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of the Midlands - PPO(Choice PlusSelect PlusSelf Funded) N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of the Midwest - Choice Choice Plus Select Select Plus N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of the Midwest - Medicare Complete N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Upstate New York N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Utah N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Virginia N
87726 UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin Inc. N
87726 UnitedHealthcare Plans of Puerto Rico N
66705 Unity Health Insurance N
SX087 Univera - Health Care Plan/ChoiceCare Buffalo N
SX086 Univera - Pre Paid Health Plan of NY N
SX088 Univera - Univera Health Southern Tier N
SX090 Univera SSA ENY N
SX091 Univera SSA WNY N
33001 Universal Care - California N
50528 Universal Health Care Inc N
9830 University Family Care N
7503 University Family Care - Healthcare Group N
9908 University Family Care - Maricopa Health Plan N
87043 University of Missouri N
SX155 University of Utah Health Plans N
IP056 Upland Medical Group N
23281 UPMC Health Plan N
37324 Upper Peninsula Health Group (TPA) N
38337 Upper Peninsula Health Plan (Medicaid) N
93092 US Benefits N
TH103 US Family Health Plan (USFHP) N
74095 USAA (United Services Automobile Association) N
TH021 USC Health Services N
13407 USFHP - St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers of New York N
12115 VA Fee Basis Programs N
TH022 Valley Baptist Health Plan N
VCIPA Valley Care IPA N
23253 Valley Preferred - PPO Allentown PA (IHS Gateway Payer) N
SX173 Value Options - Commercial N
SYMED Vanguard Health Systems (SynerMed) N
72128 Vantage Health Plan Inc. N
PPM01 Vantage Medical Group N
86062 VentureNet Healthcare N
VHMG1 Verdugo Hills Medical Group N
75256 Verity National Group N
VVIPA Victor Valley IPA N
24818 Vida Care N
73743 Village Family Practice N
CVAK1 Virginia Medicaid N
54176 Virginia Premier Health Plan N
37297 Vison Care Incorporated N
55248 Vista Health Plan N
NCH08 Vista Oncology - New Century Infusion Solutions N
63114 Viva Health Plan N
77073 VNS CHOICE Medicare N
22264 Vytra Healthcare N
85256 Wabash Memorial Hospital Association N
SX063 Washington Labor & Industry N
Pilot Washtenaw Community Health Org N
73155 Waterstone Benefit Administrators N
MPMOA Watts Healthcare Corp IPA N
11123 Wausau Insurance Company N
75261 webTPA/Community Health Electronic Claims/CHEC N
Call Weiss Health Providers N
14163 Wellcare HMO Inc. Y
14164 Wellcare of CT N
59608 Wellcare of Florida N
14163 Wellcare of Georgia N
14163 Wellcare of Louisiana N
14163 Wellcare of New York N
14163 WellCare of Ohio Inc N
77072 Wellcare Private Fee for Service Plans N
TH023 WellMed N
25129 WellPath N
25129 WellPath Y
87815 Wells Fargo Third Party Administrators Inc. N
37272 Wells Fargo Third Party Administrators Inc. (Formerly JSL Administrators) N
WCMG1 West Corvina Medical Group N
24735 Western Grower's Assurance Trust N
24735 Western Grower's Insurance Company N
37306 Western Health Inc N
37247 Western Mutual Insurance N
31048 Western Southern Financial Group (Cincinnati OH) N
TH101 Westlake Financial Group N
90560 WestLake Financial Group Inc. N
38232 Weyco Inc. N
93050 William C. Earhart N
11696 Windsor Home Network N
62153 Windsor Medicare Extra N
39200 Wisconsin Auto and Truck Dealers N
SX162 Wisconsin Physicians Service - Third Party Pricing N
SX022 Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation N
SX067 Workers Comp of West Virginia N
20333 Worksite Benefit Services LLC N
75276 World Insurance Company N
77080 WPP-ElderCare Wisconsin N
23710 Writers' Guild - Industry Health Plan N
9829 Yavapai County N
STJOE Yorba Park N
STJOE Yorba Park (St. Joseph Heritage HealthCare) N
75285 Young Life N



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